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This year we announced another great holiday giveaway for one of our lucky customers. As much as we'd like to send every one of you on holiday, our budget won't quite stretch that far!


The holiday draw was for anyone who placed an order in our USA giveaway period, through January and February. We drew the lucky winners in March, and they've sent us some great pictures of them enjoying their holiday.


The winners were Laura Molony and Joseph Molony (brother and sister) who took Charles and Patrick along, to enjoy all the fun.


This picture was taken at Discovery Cove, on one of the fabulous outings included in their holiday. They chose Universal Theme Park tickets as part of their prize, and took full advantage of every minute.


We're always so thrilled to be able to give something back to the people who support us. Your ongoing support and orders are invaluable, without you, we would't be able to do what we do.


Keep your eyes peeled to our website and social media—you don't know when we might give away another holiday to one of our lucky customers!